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Who Are We?

ASEAN (Association of South-East Asian Nations) Monash is a social-cultural university club ran strictly with the passion and minds of university students, with ambitious goals to ensure our patrons are able to take uni life to the next level. Our club aims to bring excitement in everything we do. ASEAN is an ever growing group associated with memorable family vibes, that gains constant love and support from our members. Many believe that university is just study, however at ASEAN Monash, we believe in a balanced life with academics and enjoyment, and have clearly proven it through the community we have built. 

About Us

For over two decades, ASEAN Monash has sustained a strong pillar as Melbourne's premier university social club. Known for both its innovation and adherence to traditional culture, the club has established itself to uphold its reputation as one of Melbourne’s largest and most reputable university clubs. At ASEAN Monash, our end goal is to uplift your university life to the next level!


Established in 1997, this club has been in existence for two decades. ASEAN Monash is proud to be a grass-roots club. The seed  planted by our founders, who were ordinary university students with a drive for community activity, has expanded to well over 1000 members. Our members are mainly university students, all from different backgrounds and from many different universities and campuses around Melbourne.      

Originally established at the Clayton campus, the demand for flexibility and a growing audience has led to ASEAN’s expansion to three of Monash Universities’ largest campuses: Clayton, Caulfield and Parkville. We have grown from strength to strength in recent years and we are now Monash University's largest social club. In 2010, we finally gained over 1000 members, As each year progresses,  we continue to steadily increase our members each year. Consequently, we are confident that this year, we will achieve further growth within our three campuses at Monash.    



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